Ang Qi U-Shape Pregnancy Body Pillow with Washable Jersey Pillow Case - Maternity Pillow (Gray)


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The newly-designed Angel U Total Body Support Pillow is a pregnancy maternity pillow that was developed with a physical therapist to provide customized support throughout your pregnancy or after pregnancy. This comfort full body maternity pillow is perfect to give expecting mums the relaxing sleep they need by easing common pregnancy discomforts. Also great for after the baby arrives, this soft cushy pillow provides support for comfy feeding positions. Easily molded in to various shapes. Our high-quality U-Shaped maternity pillow is great for getting a full night's sleep while pregnant or nursing newborns. It is also great for easing the discomfort of other ailments such as: 1) Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) 2) Fibromyalgia 3) Arthritis 4) Upper Body Pain (Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck pain) 5) Lower Body Pain (Hips, Baby Bump, Knees and Legs) Angel's Pillow Feature -Pillow cushion follows the natural shape of your entire body -U-shaped head section allows you to obtain comfortable upper body position and height -Extra-long midsection is perfect width for complete back or tummy support -Allows you to shift from side to side as recommended by obstetricians -Body pillow cradles your body for recommended side sleeping -Helps keep your hips and spine in a neutral position -Promotes better circulation and relaxation by lifting and cushioning areas you choose -Relieves strain on stomach, back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs while sleeping -After your delivery, the maternity pillow is a perfect support pillow for you and baby while breastfeeding Click ""Add to Cart"" button right now to get amazing body pillow that promises you more comfortable while sleeping.Please go ahead to click the link as below if you need some Replacement Pregnancy Pillowcase

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